What is a CloudBC Contract Framework?

A CloudBC Framework Agreement (CFA) is a legal agreement between the Province of BC and an Eligible Cloud Provider establishing the terms under which the provider may have its offer of eligible services in the appointed categories presented in the CloudBC Marketplace and enter into contracts with eligible customers using the CloudBC Marketplace.

For more information about the CFA or ITSO, including definitions of terms, please refer to the related procurement documentation available on BC Bid, issued by the Province Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services under number ON-002797. This documentation includes the CloudBC Contract Framework template.

What is the difference between ‘CloudBC Framework Agreement’ and ‘CloudBC Contract Framework Template’?

The CloudBC Contract Framework Template is included in the ITSO and serves as a starting point for negotiating a CloudBC Framework Agreement between the Province of BC and an Eligible Cloud Provider.

Will CloudBC expand the Marketplace beyond IaaS & PaaS?

The current priority is establishing frameworks for IaaS and PaaS. Demand survey information from participating organizations and input from vendors will inform any future plans to expand the scope of the Marketplace beyond IaaS & PaaS.

How do I as a supplier engage with CloudBC outside of procurement processes?

If your organization has suggestions to help encourage adoption of cloud services in the BC public sector, we welcome your input and encourage you to contact us at info@cloudbc.ca.

What organizations can buy off the CloudBC Contract Frameworks?

Customers that are eligible to use the CloudBC Marketplace (i.e. Eligible Customers) include the CloudBC Entities (also referred to throughout this website as “participating organizations”) as well as BC public sector organizations that have signed an Access Agreement with the Province to use the Marketplace. Please see the list of Eligible Customers.

Please contact us at info@cloudbc.ca if your organization is interested in signing an Access Agreement.

Will participation in the CloudBC Marketplace be mandatory for public sector organizations?

The participating organizations are committed to using the CloudBC Contract Frameworks in the CloudBC Marketplace to procure cloud services when doing so meets their business requirements. Organizations that use the CloudBC Marketplace will benefit from shortened procurement cycles, improved risk management through pre-negotiated best practice terms and conditions, and potential cost savings from demand aggregation resulting in lower prices.

Will vendors still need to negotiate with each individual public sector customer that is using the CloudBC Marketplace?

The CloudBC Framework Agreements allow some flexibility to accommodate customer-specific requirements. However, it is anticipated that the majority of purchases will leverage the terms and conditions pre-negotiated in the CFAs.

How will CloudBC help ensure that customers are compliant with FIPPA when using cloud services?

CloudBC has defined a rigorous set of assessment criteria when evaluating a cloud service provider’s suitability for storing and/or processing personally identifiable data in the custody or under the control of a BC public body so as to be compliant with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Providers that successfully demonstrate they meet these criteria will be so identified in the CloudBC Marketplace. Eligible customers still need to complete their own project-specific Privacy Impact and Security Threat Risk Assessments (PIAs, STRAs) – leveraging as appropriate the due diligence undertaken by CloudBC – and will be wholly responsible for ensuring their compliance to FIPPA.

Is CloudBC a Province of BC initiative?

CloudBC operates on behalf of all its participating organizations including the Province of BC. The Province serves as the CloudBC Administrator and in so doing provides the legal basis for CloudBC. Administrator responsibilities include entering into CloudBC Framework Agreements with eligible vendors that are available to eligible customers, and providing enabling requirements for CloudBC operations.

Does CloudBC set policy?

CloudBC does not set and/or enforce policies or standards on behalf of the Province of BC or other BC public sector organizations. CloudBC works closely with the participating organizations to prioritize solutions to support adoption of cloud services, including establishing contract frameworks available in the CloudBC Marketplace that include a comprehensive set of rigorous terms and conditions. It also works with these organizations to identify, refine or develop recommended best practice methodologies to support cloud adoption.

My organization is not part of CloudBC. How can I engage?

CloudBC operates on behalf of its participating organizations to support successful cloud services adoption across the BC broader public sector. We are interested in learning about your organization’s plans and lessons learned about cloud. If your organization is interested in learning more about CloudBC, would like to use the CloudBC Marketplace, or would like to participate in CloudBC thought leadership and knowledge sharing initiatives, please contact us at info@cloudbc.ca.