What is “Manage Market”

CloudBC helps create the right market conditions to drive adoption of adoption. We do that through ongoing engagement with our key stakeholders.

Customer Engagement

We work closely with our member organizations to understand their demand for and readiness to adopt cloud to inform both our Marketplace and Thought Leadership activities:

Demand for cloud services – The CloudBC member organizations are committed to buying cloud services through the CloudBC Marketplace. We survey our customers to understand their demand for cloud services so that we can have qualified providers and services available in the CloudBC Marketplace when our customers are ready to consume.


Readiness to consume – Our customers face a broad set of challenges to get ready to consume cloud, starting with developing a digital services vision and supporting cloud strategy, and a transformation plan that addresses both technical and business capabilities. We work with our customers to identify common adoption barriers to focus our Thought Leadership priorities.

Vendor Engagement

Vendors play a key role in the successful adoption of cloud computing. They are on the leading edge of service innovation and are a critical source of lessons learned for our customers.

Vendors can expect CloudBC to be single-minded in its focus on supporting best practices related to cloud. These include:

dialogue_01 Commitment to ongoing learning and dialogue – Vendors can expect that we will continually engage them to inform our strategy and priorities. For CloudBC to be successful, we need to learn from vendors about ground-breaking use cases and best practices for using cloud in the public sector.
privacy_04 Clarity on privacy & security – BC public bodies’ treatment of personally identifiable data is subject to BC and federal legislation. Working with key stakeholders, CloudBC provides clarity and consistency on privacy & security requirements, benefiting both customers and vendors.
adopt_stds_02 Adopting industry standards – Instead of creating a unique, made-in-BC approach, we leverage existing standards, guidelines and best practices whenever possible. We also aim to achieve alignment with other Canadian jurisdictions where practical.
choice_03 Supporting choice – We aim to provide choice within the Marketplace, to enable flexibility and support interoperability of services. No single vendor is best suited to all use cases for cloud, and providing choice ensures there is competition on price and service offerings.


Alignment to Leading Practices & Standards

We engage with cloud thought leaders around the world to identify industry-leading, vendor-neutral standards. These inform our Marketplace initiatives and support our customers’ efforts to get ready to adopt cloud. This knowledge supplements and complements vendor and technology-specific content.

We also share lessons learned with other jurisdictions in Canada and around the world.

Portfolio Planning

We have a continuous planning cycle that is informed by demand surveys from our customers and input from vendors. Procurement initiatives to expand the Marketplace are undertaken following an approved business case by our member organizations. These result in CloudBC Contract Frameworks that are broadly available to the BC broader public sector through the CloudBC Marketplace. Customers benefit from our purchasing power, which translates into better pricing and service terms. Due diligence is done once on behalf of all qualifying customers.